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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Contentment is a tricky thing….

Been musing all day…now that we have a dryer, a large portion of my mind is freed up from wondering how my family’s clothes will get dry.  At least now I can turn my attention to those worms Adrianne can’t seem to get rid of…. 🙂 But really…been thinking because yesterday church ruined me.  It … Continue reading »

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Velveeta, Ro-tel, Bacon and Skechers and Iron Sharpening Iron…

I am home after a four day trip to Mars, I mean, Hong Kong.  People ask how it went and I feel like when I describe it, that it happened outside this solar system…beautiful views, culture (most of which I skipped and read my Kindle while my two culturally-sensitive friends enjoyed Asian art), no children, … Continue reading »

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Tour Guide, Sticky Waterfalls & Life

It’s been a while…they should tell you when you sign up for VBS that you really aren’t going to get some time to get things done while your kids are gone…(another one for my future book “Girlfriends guide to Christian motherhood”!)!  Instead, you play taxi driver and suddenly life breaks into a full sprint!  That’s … Continue reading »

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Join us for DTS

Join us for our DTS starting this July 27th or send someone the link if you think they should join us. Download Brochures Below (basically the same just different titles) Cadence DTS- What is next? DTS – R U Ready to Die? Find out more at

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Not what I imagined would be my first interaction in Thai…

Hey there friends… Since some of you like to think of us living in mud huts…here’s a story that will blow your mind… Last Saturday we had a some crazy torrential rains…even Okinawa rainy season didn’t touch this…it is even hard to imagine even when I saw it…     Anyhow, since our hot season … Continue reading »

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Words of Encouragement and Jack

Our sometimes sweet son Jack lit up when I told him: “Jack, Dad said you drive the moped better than me!”  Now, if you can look past the fact that my 9 year old son is yes, sometimes driving a moped…you will see how much words of encouragement mean to our son.  The rest of … Continue reading »

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Sareth is Free!

Dear friends…. Wanted to get this update especially to you who pray…Sareth was released from jail yesterday and has been reunited with his family!  Our colleague has spoken with him and has heard him express the things God taught him while he was falsely accused…imprisoned severely for what people thought might be true. While none … Continue reading »

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