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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Now and Then

Tonight Adrianne was running singing (to the tune of “Where is Thumpkin”) “He’s my Savior (Where is Thumpkin), He’s my Savior (Where is Thumpkin) But instead of saying “Here I am”, the appropriate words, she responded with, “Now and Then, Now and Then”. At first I was struck by the sad truth of that statement. … Continue reading »

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Goodbye Interns, Hello New School Year

Well we have now said goodbye to 4 of our 7 interns for the summer and things are winding down. Last night I picked up Dave and Bonnie from the airport and school is just around the corner. It has been a great summer with lots of ministry events happening and relationships being built. Today … Continue reading »

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Compassion and Popsicles

So tonight, this one comes up to me and says, “Mom, you choose to have compassion on Jack and Megan, but you won’t have any compassion on me.” I couldn’t help it but I just busted a gut laughing. How many four year olds do you know throwing around the word compassion, much more being … Continue reading »

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Student Leader Update

God has been doing some neat things in the lives of students on our student leader retreat. The days have been 16 hours long with very little free time but the students have been haning in their and tracking with what Stephen has been teaching them. It helps that much of the training is interactive. … Continue reading »

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Student Leader Retreat

Well we are almost one day into our student leader retreat. We are about to head off to the beach and have them creat boats that will hold them to travel from one point on land to the other. Then we will have a cook out on the beach and finish our teaching time for … Continue reading »

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