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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Trix for dinner!

Our stuff is here!  It was so fun to see my wonderful brother-in-law’s “Welcome 2 Thailand” note on one of our boxes (He practically packed all of them!)  Right on the dot (even a bit early) our container made its way to our home.  Wow…I was kind of overwhelmed, not from the stuff, but that … Continue reading »

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Standardized Testing, Customs and Alaska

Friends…thought I would update you all on what’s new… The kids are taking standardized tests this week at Grace International School, where they will most likely attend next year.  So, I guess today was Megan’s “official” first day of school.  (Side note, the other day, I met someone who is a teacher and she said … Continue reading »

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5 Rathmells and a Moped

Well, it’s only been 2 1/2 weeks and already life is beginning to feel normal.  Jack is playing soccer, the girls are making clothes out of tree leaves and sticks, I’m starting to stress about my upcoming Comprehensive Exams and Buddy is talking about starting businesses.  That just about means life is humming along. 🙂 … Continue reading »

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Jack’s Protection

Thanks for praying for Jack all of you who have been lifting him and us up before the Lord.  Last Sunday night I went out with some of the guys and when I can home Jen explained to me how Jack freaks out everything goes wrong (that night “everything” included he laptop breaking, which thankfully … Continue reading »

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Visitor #2 and a Toe Ring

Yes, we’re feeling world famous. We move here and get two visitors! The real story is that because of “Cobra Gold”, a joint military exercise between US and Thai troops, we get to see some folks from Okinawa (hey, it’s cool to go to Chiang Mai and say, “oh yeah, I know people there”). Our … Continue reading »

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Some shallow and deep thoughts…you can choose.

My first post without a picture…here’s hoping my words suffice… Tomorrow marks two weeks since we’ve arrived…crazy.  It’s a long way from feeling like home, but that will come with time.  One thing that really helps is the numerous 7/11’s around (hello 1980).  They are a very cheap way to bring some instant happiness and … Continue reading »

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Tooth Gone & First Visitor Here!

It seems like a lifetime since I have put down on “paper” what has been going on here as we adjust to living in Thailand.  We are discovering that it takes a long time to get things done here…the other day when we arrived at the end of the day with a printer purchase, we … Continue reading »

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