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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Deep thoughts and tortillas…

One of the problems of having the spiritual gift of teaching is that God has kind of “hard-wired” you to see lessons, new thoughts, and ideas everywhere you look.  Then there’s the poor people that are in the way when you learn them and just feel like you’re going to die if you don’t share … Continue reading »

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Beware of the Mango….

So…I know that I just posted yesterday, but I wanted to update anyone who is mildly interested in my skin conditions (I am always surprised anyone reads this…I know some people score a zillion on their “Input” strength [and yes, I’m calling you out Louise Johnson and Beth Merrill]…and reading blogs is just another way … Continue reading »

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Shorts, Resilient Scabies and One Less Mouse in T-land…

Greetings friends! We are in the midst of delightfully entertaining and hosting our friends and colleagues, the Shorts, as they transition from Cadence Student Ministries in Europe to Cadence Foreign Ministries…we are so blessed not only to call them teammates, but friends as well.  It was only a short (oh, I didn’t even notice the … Continue reading »

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Surrounded by ridiculous givers…

After a little charade yesterday with our mail-woman on a moped, I figured out we had a package at the Post Office…A package? I thought we had scared everyone away from sending us stuff because it cost so much…. Apparently, we haven’t scared away people who like to give ridiculous gifts.  Imagine my surprise when … Continue reading »

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Important and Funny stuff…

IMPORTANT STUFF: Continue to pray for Sareth…our Cadence Cambodian missionary who has been falsely accused and is being thugged around because of mobsters.  He is in a 12×12 prison cell with 25 other convicted drug dealers…this is the harvest field, but it’s a rather cramped one, so please continue to pray for him.  He has … Continue reading »

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Secret clubs…

I remember distinctly the first time I was absolutely certain there were secret clubs out there.  It actually was after my Mom died…I had no idea there was a latent, under-the-radar club for people whose Mother had died, but there was and the comraderie was greatly appreciated and enjoyed.  There was just something about someone … Continue reading »

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Mom: Carole F. Rupp 1941-2005

I imagine this time of year is fraught with blogs about Moms….their contribution, their worth and all things celebratory.  (I had actually forgotten about it until I put on a Christian music station from America!)  Anyhow, I thought I would play along…and so, this post reflects a most remarkable person…my Mom.   Though she has … Continue reading »

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Less than sublime…

Every party needs a pooper and this week, I was it.  As we were driving down from Bangkok to the shore, I texted my friend and told her I could feel the zits popping out on my face….why was puberty revisiting me?  Little did I know, it wasn’t zits, it was something that I am … Continue reading »

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Rumblings of a Wealthy Missionary….

(I realize I am breaking every “good blogging” rule…too long and too deep…sorry!) It feels like there is so much to say about our trip to Cambodia…we arrived at the Thailand/Cambodian border last night and the taxi driver said our trip here to the missionary “resort”  would only be 5 hours, which ended up being … Continue reading »

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