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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Preaching In the Hills

Here are some pictures of my recent trip to Ma Kae to preach to the Karen Hill Tribe People in Thailand near the Burma border. The video below is in the truck on the way so you can get an idea of what the roads were like. The Village of Mae Ka where the conference … Continue reading »

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Shadow killed a dove and our truck rolled into oncoming traffic…

The cats continue to keep us filled with anatomy and physiology lessons.  The week greeted us with the “stump” of a frog…all four legs had been detached and eaten while the poor frog just sat there eyeballs rolling around wondering why he couldn’t move.  The cats sat there licking their chops.  Then this morning while … Continue reading »

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So much to say…

Dear reading friends… There is so much to tell you about…to bring you up to speed on…life decided to notch up to full throttle and we were caught unawares… After 50 hours of flying/sleeping/staying overnight in Bangkok, I arrived home from Alaska and God’s sweet gift and treat of being a semblance of His comfort … Continue reading »

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Heading Home

Hi friends…just wanted to give you the rundown on my time here in Alaska…well…actually, I’m in the Seattle Airport, waiting to fly home via a rather circuitous route. I tried to sweet talk some folks into re-routing me from here to Tokyo, but they didn’t bite. I now get to take a red-eye flight to … Continue reading »

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Made it to Alaska!

Hi everyone who reads this… Just wanted to say that I’m heading out the door to go be with my friend, Barb.  Pray that I can encourage and love her and her children (Dan, too!) The flying wasn’t as brutal as one would think, but the lady at the pharmacy in Chiang Mai who sold … Continue reading »

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Cats 1, Baby Snakes 0

Well, the cats seem to be paying off.  I don’t know what it was, but it was dead and we have Shadow to thank!  Adrianne came running in screaming that “Shadow killed a baby snake, Shadow killed a baby snake!”  I don’t exactly know what it was, it had the smallest little nub legs, and … Continue reading »

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