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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Cafe Workers

Cafe at Night Our students have been loving having the cafe and we have really enjoyed the conversations with students. For some reason just entering into the atmosphere of the cafe lets students totally open up about life. Please pray that God would provide another 4 people with a heart for students and the ability … Continue reading »

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You speaka Japanesea?

Well I decided after 5 years in country it it time to learn Japanese. Originally when we landed on Okinawa we had all intentions of learning Japanese. After listening to the radio for 10 minutes our first few days here we decided that English and little bit of German were just fine, thank you very … Continue reading »

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Huge Day

Unbelievably huge day for the Rathmells yesterday. Thinking I was 33% of my way towards all three children down for naps, I was shell-shocked to find that 33% walking down the hall at me, smiling as big as she could through her pacifier. Megan had crawled out of her crib. This provided the impetus for … Continue reading »

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Shorebreak ’05

Also wanted to let you know that Shorebreak, our Spring Break Retreat was great in many ways. Students were strongly challenged as Mark shared only from Romans 12 and introduced and expanded on the idea of living in community with our Lord and each other. If you are interested in seeing a bit of Shorebreak, … Continue reading »

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The Gardening Project…oh help us

So…in a moment of weakness, I have created yet another project (I realize now that I am addicted to projects…Masters done…dig up the Garden!) and am taking a break from digging up our little strip of land that should inhabit beautiful flowers, but instead has become a weeds paradise. Bugs are just not my thing…I … Continue reading »

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Forgot to mention…about a day and a half after being here, my prof says, “You have some great friends here”…and I looked at him and said, “And you haven’t even met half of them”. He looked at me in the eyes and said, “Most people are not like that”. I have reflected on this over … Continue reading »

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Currently just about done recovering from Shorebreak 05 – God did some cool stuff, no surprise there…about 15 kids accepted Christ. It seems that these kids were really called by the Savior, as many of them chose Christ instead of comfort, the approval of their friends and even the quizzical looks of their parents. My … Continue reading »

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Shorebreak ’05

In about 10 minutes we are leaving for our annual spring break trip to Tokashiki island of the coast of Okinawa. Our speaker, Mark Palmer, did a great job last night building raport with the students and I am excited about his ministry. Please lift up the students and staff in prayer this week, asking … Continue reading »

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Naps? We don’t need no stinking naps!

So much for taking naps. We thought they were quiet cuz they were sleeping…instead they were out on the window sill…japanese style. What will we do when number 3 is out of a crib?

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