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Posted by on April 22, 2005

Currently just about done recovering from Shorebreak 05 – God did some cool stuff, no surprise there…about 15 kids accepted Christ. It seems that these kids were really called by the Savior, as many of them chose Christ instead of comfort, the approval of their friends and even the quizzical looks of their parents. My professor has been here for the last three days to evaluate my internship for my MS in Counseling. I hesitate to rejoice that it’s all done, but the reality is…I think it IS! (You can never be too sure till that little paper is in your hand!) Buddy is with him on a Survivor trip tonight wth some students and Single Soldiers. It has been incredible to have him here…this man walks with God and has challenged us in significant ways. I’ll finish since I can’t figure out how to make a new paragraph without publishing this, and many of you know my grammar hang-ups. More later…

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