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Hopeful Dread and Refrigerator Mishaps…

Posted by on October 17, 2013

All in a days work – Buddy is in Hong Kong – Immigration early this morning only to find out “Your number will be called around 3 p.m.” – which was thoughtful of them to let me know – it’s raining for a swimming party and this just happened…


I guess that’s what it takes to make me blog these days… 😉

Our lives have/are full – maybe too full – DTS has been wonderful and God is changing lives by rooting out Satan’s lies and replacing them with truth – it’s what we live for.  And we thank God for it.

It’s not happened without running into some serious potholes – relationally, emotionally, spiritually, physically – you name it, I’m pretty sure we’ve stepped on a rough patch in any category.  And today, by God’s grace, I realized I’ve been slipping back into a pesky habit of mine….clinging to something in the future – instead of to Christ.

We head back to the US this Christmas for a quick, cold break – to see the dearest of family and friends…and suddenly, I’ve discovered that my hope is resting far more securely in a plane ticket than the truth that Christ can make my heart full, fresh and clean (even today!).  These types of hope only become dreadful because while we have the best of family and friends, they just can’t help this discontentment or misplaced hopeful satisfaction.

It’s back to the drawing board this morning for me…I wonder who this DTS is really for..?  🙂

Love you all – heaps.

Jen for us

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