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Huge Day

Posted by on April 30, 2005

Unbelievably huge day for the Rathmells yesterday. Thinking I was 33% of my way towards all three children down for naps, I was shell-shocked to find that 33% walking down the hall at me, smiling as big as she could through her pacifier. Megan had crawled out of her crib. This provided the impetus for the eventual avalanche of problems, and now, after quite the trying day, we have permanently taken the crib out of the house (it will turn into a fort outside for a while thanks to creative daddy) and Megan is currently confined to her pack ‘n play, which she cannot yet get out of.

I think I alluded previously on this blog something to the tune of “what am I going to do when #3 is out of the crib!?” Well, that day came like a speeding Japanese Bullet train and smacked me right in the head. She never did take an afternoon nap, crawled out like an expert 6 out of 7 times (the one falling-crying episode only deterred her for about 15 minutes)

The Garden Update: Everything is still somewhat alive. My friend Jen, hereafter referred to as our Gardening Sensei (Japanese for master) came over with a box of Miracle-Gro and work gloves…I believe this was to be an encouragment, but I know these plants sense my apathy. She used all these positive words like “wonderful”, “I’m so jealous you have a flower bed”, “Great!”…the plants perked up I’m sure to her genuineness…they know loves them.

However, she did mention that what I thought were impatiens (aka, impossible to kill and quite gratifying to grow) were really NOT impatiens, so here’s hoping…

We’re off to a Staff Conference this week at Okuma, for those of you who know this island…please pray for refreshment in various ways if you think of it. Parenting just kicked up a notch. Need to be praying more.

Jen for us

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