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The Gardening Project…oh help us

Posted by on April 25, 2005

So…in a moment of weakness, I have created yet another project (I realize now that I am addicted to projects…Masters done…dig up the Garden!) and am taking a break from digging up our little strip of land that should inhabit beautiful flowers, but instead has become a weeds paradise.

Bugs are just not my thing…I like to appear tough, but I have to admit, the very suculent worms and triangle shaped black bugs (they must be a Japanese version of beetles) are a bit too much. And I’m too cheap to buy working gloves because well, with that money, I could buy more flowers to potentially kill.

I feel like I must conquer this…and yet, personally, God has been casting me into humbling situations and I have the sneaky suspicion that I might stepped right into another one. Adrianne has already noticed that every plant in our house is plastic.

She’s catching on…stay tuned and please…offer some gardening feedback if you have any…

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