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Long time no blog…

Posted by on September 24, 2011

Hey guys –

Sorry I left you guys on my emotional ledge…thank you to many of you who e-mailed me and checked to make sure I was ok.  It’s now been 10 days and I’ve been through the research methodology stargate and have come out the other end.  So far, the end result has been a much stronger paper and much humbler researcher.  So..the redemption of my soul (and paper) continues.

We are basking in our Cadence conference here and enjoying times of reflection and connection here in with our teammates.  We are thankful for all that we belong to such a life-giving mission.

In an effort to catch you up, I thought I would make this entry mostly a photo blog…enjoy our time (and my sassy captions!)

Electricians in Thailand! Doing some rewiring in our neighborhood...

The beginning of our kids fort out back ...

The end of the fort! $120 later...

The Cats enjoying the new fort!

One of the banners at the Chiang Mai Zoo...not sure exactly what it means, but pretty sure it doesn't pass the Biblical Litmus Test


The girls and me at the zoo!

Our kids feeding a leopard a huge chunk of meat...something I don't think they allow in America.

The silly DTS kids at the Zoo with us

One new development is that we most likely have to move out of our house because our landlord is selling it…after a boat load of tears from the kids and a lot of talk about God comforting us, I think we’re gonna be ok.  Pray that we can walk this path of “this world is not our home” with them and in our own hearts…

Love you guys – Jen

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