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So much to say…

Posted by on March 20, 2011

Dear reading friends…

There is so much to tell you about…to bring you up to speed on…life decided to notch up to full throttle and we were caught unawares…

After 50 hours of flying/sleeping/staying overnight in Bangkok, I arrived home from Alaska and God’s sweet gift and treat of being a semblance of His comfort to our dear friends, the Evans, as Barb graduated to Heaven. I felt so happy about being used by the Lord that I thought I should write a song about it like Mary and Hannah in the Bible…I understood in small part their joy in being God’s servant at a very particular time. I almost went all Beth Moore-ish and danced in some hotel lobby, but I controlled myself… (Timewise – I was in Tokyo exactly 24 hours before the earthquake and subsequent tsunami)

I arrived back to the house which needed some TLC after Buddy did his job of keeping the children alive and well nourished for 8 days and we caught up enough to have my dear friend Jessica join us on Wednesday. She is part of a mission team here from another Cadence ministry in Okinawa (the Harbor) and we will participate with them this week in their ministry to a local orphanage. (Homeschool translation: another week of no school!) I also seem to have picked up a sinus infection, so I am stopping by the local pharmacy to pick up some antibiotics that you can get over the counter!

Buddy is sending out an update soon of his time in Cambodia, but I will shoot some pictures to you from some of the orphans and his time down there.

This is after the night that Buddy took everyone out to a buffet and every kid ate so much they got sick. Maybe we should come up with another plan! 🙂

We will be honest…sometimes it seems hard to get traction here (ask my friend Jess, it took two full days and 5 stores to buy three bookshelves and two benches)…we fight some discouragement at times, especially in the large arena of keeping kids from and getting kids out of sexual slavery. As we turned out the light the night that Buddy got back, I reminded him that at least 10 kids in Cambodia are being taught God’s Word and ways, and don’t have to worry about being sold for something when they wake up the next day. That’s a pretty good start, and though it feels small in light of the big picture, it is huge to 10 of God’s children.

Thanks so much for being with us on this journey. We are so thankful for your love and trust and hope in what God is doing here and in our own hearts.

3 Responses to So much to say…

  1. Mark P

    Jen, Buddy, and Kids; You guys are in our hearts and prayers always. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and service to our Lord and Savior. This post reminds me of the little boy walking on the beach with thousands of starfish that had washed up on shore. He would bend down and pick one up and throw it back in the ocean. When asked if, with all these starfish how could he think he was making a difference, to which he picked one up and threw it back into the ocean and said, “to that one I did.” We love you guys!

  2. Dede & Shane Long

    Jen, Buddy & kids,
    We love you guys and pray for you daily. I love to read of your ministry, even the struggles. Joy in trials? You can have joy with your mind on the prize. I love reading of God’s work in your lives. Thanks for the updates. You are making a difference. Remember, homeschool is not just about worksheets. You teach them everyday.

  3. Kristy Barnett

    Jenn and family,

    I have been following your blog and praying for you all often.
    It brings me back to our first year here, and how hard
    It was. God was so faithful to bring like-minded people to us that would become great friends and refresh our spirits. We,and many others ,are with you in prayer.
    May God bless you and encourage you.
    Love, Kristy b