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Sneaky Little Boys and the Things they Do

Posted by on January 20, 2005

I thought Jack was finally being kind to Megan the other day. (Parents love it when their kid acts righteously all by themselves) His new thing was to take Megan on walks. For someone who views his little sister as something akin to a gnat, this was a big step.

Later as Buddy and I were laying in bed, I said, “I think Jack just takes Megan on walks to get her away from his toys”. Buddy just died laughing and said, “you just realized that? Sure enough, my little boy had outfoxed me, having me believe all along that he was being kind, and really, he was just being selfish and sneaky.

Made for a great discussion on Motivation for my class the next day. You can always count on Jack for good stories. He’s what they’re made of. Stay tuned…

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