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New Neck Store

Posted by on January 26, 2006

So, Jack (3 1/2) is suddenly able to just listen to stories…his mind is able to make up for the lack of pictures and creatively generate its own.

Now…he finds great delight in telling stories…(when it rains, it pours at this cognitive stage)…I wish you could see him telling a story. There are hand gestures galore…lots of neck swaying and today it went something like this…

“They took a skateboard and I fell and it cut my neck off…so then I went to the store and it said, “New neck store” (he’s pointing to each imaginary word in the air). I got a new neck and went back and got my skateboard”

Later, there was a need for a new nose in another adventure and luckily, there was a “new nose store” right next to the “new neck store”.

Adrianne and I just smile at each other and she whispers to me, “he’s so cute, isn’t he?”

They are not always so loving to each other, but when they are, there’s nothing better.

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