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If you take three Rathmells to school….

Posted by on August 22, 2011

Well…they did it…they went to school!  In fact, I have to go pick them up in a scant 20 minutes, so this blog will be brief, or at least, rushed!  I remember that from their last “traditional school” days…now I am a woman who is run by times/appointments, etc.  I have to actually answer my cell phone because that’s the only way the school can reach me!  I have had to climb down from some ledges that homeschooling creates, the chief one being that I’m the king of my castle when I’m the sole person caring for my kids education.  Wow!  There’s seems like so many people involved now!  And, it’s good…the other slight “downer” is death by paperwork.

Agh! What goes where???

I LOVE the kids teachers…they are wonderful and I can’t wait to love on them and encourage them as they help disciple our children.  We are so blessed.

Last week we thought we would lose a cat…9, count them, 9 tapeworms got vomited up by Shadow.  He did that animal thing where they go off and hide…thought he wouldn’t live to see another day…however…after some worm medicine, he’s back with us and purrs as soon as he sees a human, he’s so grateful…thought I’d help you see just what I mean…

The clump of 9 worms...nice!

Jack comforting Shadow after the upchucking!

Personally, I lost my mind and all boundaries during the first week of school when I gorged on all my free time…if anyone said, “Let’s get together”, I was like, “Sure!”.  There were days where I didn’t even have time to sit down and live out what I’ve been dreaming/lusting after the whole time I was a homeschool Mom…FREE TIME, NO KIDS, NO WORRIES.

This week, I am teaching the DTS students five parable of Jesus…loving that…God’s Word will preach and convict and compel.  I really don’t have to do much, I just get to watch God do His thing.  Today we talked about the Great Banquet…we are compelled to come dine and cannot participate from a distance….good stuff.  Jesus’ words can heal, inspire, and lovingly correct at the same time.

Gotta run…Megan can’t ride a bike yet because of her cast, so I have to go pick her up…Friday, God-willing, she should be cast-free!

Love you guys – Jen


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