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Vulnerability Stinks…Part 2 of 6

Posted by on February 29, 2012

After reading about getting swindled in Beijing, now you get to hear the rest of the story…

As we continued our trek to Tiannamen Square, I could not shake how foolish I felt for being taken…it is not often, as adults (at least if you put forth a small effort toward wisdom) where we are taken advantage of so blatantly and with such premeditation.  I mean, as kids, we sit and think these kinds of things up, but when it involves a full-fledged adult, it just plain stinks, stings and sucks.

The reality of someone waiting outside our hotel to find some unsuspecting tourist (namely me and Jen) and then lie to them about a price just makes me feel so utterly foolish.  When our bike driver got us in the back alley and showed us a laminated (yes, laminated…as in I’m going to use this thing so much that I need to preserve it in plastic!) card demanding $50, everything suddenly became really clear.  We had fallen right into a trap.

This kind of vulnerability, in particular, cuts to the core.  Jen and I felt like we walked around with a huge L on our forehead…we just plain ole’ felt victimized, something both of us don’t cognitively buy into for any length of time.

I wonder if Jesus ever felt foolish.  His was the ultimate trap…if Jen and I knew of this ruse, we would’ve turned around and avoided the bike guy like the plague.  But Jesus…He knew and waited for eventual humiliation.  I can’t say that I can even imagine that in light of the foolishness and vulnerability I felt for a measly $50 and my priceless pride.

Yet another reason to thank and praise Him…God, willing to be foolish for me.

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