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Please not now, God.

Posted by on January 25, 2006

Wednesday’s are good days but they are long. I usually leave the house at 5:30 to get ready for the Breakfast Club Bible study on Romans and don’t get home in the evening until almost 9. I do get to come home for about an hour for dinner which passes all too quickly.

So at 8:51 I jumped in my van to head home when I felt like God was saying to go back and talk to a student that was waiting for a ride. I initially said no by my action of continuing to drive away and thinking I would just make it home before the kids went to sleep. “Please, God, not now”, I was thinking. As God continued to impress upon me that I was not obeying I turned around and went back.

I parked the van and got out to talk to Joey. After partially deflecting a few of my initial questions he began to share that he had been misarable because he knew he wanted to live for the Lord but his best friends were urging him to do things that left him feeling guilty and unfulfilled.

After about twenty minutes I felt like God was saying, “Leave him alone with me to think.”

Please pray for Joey as he decides if he is going to let Jesus be Lord of his life.

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