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Physical Therapy Anyone? Part 3 of 6

Posted by on March 1, 2012

While at our conference in Beijing, we were treated to lovely, spoiling things by a ministry to North American missionaries.  You’re really only supposed to go to ONE of these conferences in a lifetime, but when they have space available, missionary vultures like Jen and myself are allowed to participate again.  (We are already stalking the next conference)

This ministry brings women from America to keep us from Frumpville, the path that is large and wide for all missionaries…their entourage consists of hairdressers, massage therapists, make-up artists and for the lame, physical therapists…

One of the 3 PT’s they brought sized me up right away…”why are you limping?”…(those people have a radar for the slightest walking infraction).  I yukked it up and laughed off my walking impediment to an “old war injury” and proceeded to win over any and everyone with my ceaseless charm.

Those people don’t give up though…word got out about the girl that walks funny and can’t bend and by the last breakfast (Jen had already skipped town and offered no protection whatsoever), they had closed ranks and proceeded to give me the 1, 2, 3.

As in:  1)  I think you could use some more physical therapy, 2) You need to build up your muscles, and 3) What sort of exercising do you do?  (As if my measly 30 minutes twice a week with Kristi Su isn’t enough…whatever!!!)

It’s been 26 years since I spent my sophomore year of high school with “first period” of school being “Torture with the Turkish Physical Therapist”…haven’t I paid my dues?  Apparently not, and these PT drill sergeants made it very clear to me:  “Shape up & Strengthen up or you’re gonna be a gnarly mess in a few years”…

The story beneath the story tomorrow…(Kristi Su, don’t you go spoiling it!) 🙂

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