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Never Take the Bus

Posted by on May 16, 2005

I know if counseling situations one is told to always refrain from using the words always and never. I have just come up with a new self rule. Never take the bus if you can take the tube. (I roomed with an English guy at the youth hostel that I stayed at last night, hence the word tube instead of subway)

I am in Korea for a couple of days doing the leg work for a student leader trip we are having here in August. We are bringing over Stephen Blandino from Nexlead to lead us again which I am really excited about. Anyway, I digress.

Never take the bus. I am backpacking like in days of old with the backpack my parents bought me when I graduated from high school, riding on bumpy, loud and crowded public transportation and eating rice balls with spicy meat so I decided I would splurge a little and go to outback steakhouse last night for dinner. After walking for a way I decided to grab a bus the rest of the way. Inexplicably, two blocks after I got on the bus it made a turn and I wanted to go straight. I debated getting off at the next stop but then I decided I would see where the bus would go just for kicks because I figured it must be on some sort of circular route. An hour later when the bus came to a stop in a lot with 15 other buses and no riders I realized that it wasn’t on a circular route. The good thing was that it’s very easy to catch the correct bus from the bus depot. 🙂 The other good thing was that I was quite hungry when I arrived at Outback two hours later.

Pray that God would lead me and give me wisdom as i set up the trip, and if you have an option take the tube.


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