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Missionaries sending out missionaries.

Posted by on June 22, 2005

We were asked to send part of our group to another ministry that has a similiar strategy of reaching students near a university with a cafe so Amy is leading a group of volunteer missionaries from our group to go to a southern base and help with the ministry down there. From today until Saturday Amy, Chaplain Warner, Janie, Colleen, Jules, Trey, Nick, Kristin and Angela in their ministry down there.

Today was long and in some ways tough day but very rewarding.

We spent the morning at a pool with a small group of 7 year old mentally and physically handicapped children. It was hard work and it was only about 2 hours for us. I spent most of my time holding one young boy to keep him from drowing himself only to realize after 45 minutes that he could hold his face under water for about 5 seconds. For some of the students it was too much and they struggled holding the kids and loving them.

This afternoon most of the students went to a convelescant home and shared our program there. One Lady accepted Christ as her savior during the time that our group was there. it was another challenging time for a couple of them as they were asked to give shoulder rubs to the residents at the end. One lady there was 103 years old.

Justin, Phillip and I went and played basketball at the University and made a new friend Allen. I also received a chinese name tonight from Gary, Nancy and Allen. I spent an hour at the Rock last night with Gary and Nancy and 2 1/2 hours tonight with them and Allen. Please pray for Allen as he is considering giving his life to Christ. I think God is at work in his life since his girlfriend is a Christian and it seems that God is making clear the gospel to him and drawing him to himself.

Thanks for praying. It has been a great week already and we are excited about what God will continue to do.

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