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Escape from TODDLERville

Posted by on February 19, 2005

Hi everyone…

I know…the whole point of getting a blog is that you’re actually supposed to post all these great reflections on life you have on a REGULAR basis. So far, it’s been sporadic at best! (And now I can’t figure out how to add a new blog and I promised Buddy I would!)

Major Rathmell Highlights:
Psychology class is over and done with…it was awesome. It was so fun for me. I had a blast feeling really connected with high schoolers…it was a learning experience for me (usually when people say that, they mean their experience was horrible, not me)…mostly so, in that I was dealing with mostly non-Christian students (their parents send them to this school so that they learn English) and then I was teaching psychology through the lens of an American and there was only ONE full-American in my class. It made for some bunny-trails that taught me a lot. Below is a picture that one of the students made for me.

In about an hour, Buddy and I are taking our dear friends up on their offer to watch our kids for a couple days. We are escaping the world of primary colors and poopy diapers for some rest and relaxation without our little bundles of joy. Hip Hip Hooray. We are so excited we can hardly stand it.
Other than that, we’re moving ahead full-steam. The spring here seems to be rather busy, so we will try really hard to take it slow and not get caught up in such a crazy pace.

There you have it…my “kids”. Thanks for praying and so many encouraging words. We are so thankful and grateful.

Lots of love,

Jen for all of us.

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