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Don’t Pray for Us

Posted by on June 17, 2005

Don’t pray for us until you watch this video. It was a great challenge for all of us on the Taiwan team as part of our training on Thursday.
Obviously we covet your prayers, but I think this video might challenge you to pray even more.

This morning we braved what seemed like the worst non-typhoon rain we have experienced to arrive at the airport. Many of the roads were partially closed on our way to the airport because rain was covering them. After a mostly smooth flight it felt like the plane was dropped from about three feet on our landing.

Much of our schedule has been set but as I am typing this one of the staff members is working on seeing if we can send a few of our students to help out with some of the areas in southern Taiwan that have expereinced flodding etc.

This evening will be orientation and time at The Rock. Tomorrow will be spent in time with God, prayer walking, practicing some of our presentation, building relationships through basketball and another part of our team will be doing some outdoor evangelism.

Please DO pray for us whether you watch the video or not.

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