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Day 6

Posted by on March 16, 2005

On day 6 of Buddy being away, God was my husband today

There are days when being part melancholy takes over and becomes rather-large-part melancholy. This is a double-edge sword because, if I’m walking in the Spirit, not in the flesh, it can be an exhilarating ride. When I’m in charge, life can be filled with despair.

I knew today was going to be hard when it began at 5 a.m. with Megan crying…a temp for three days and can’t sleep at night…I guess she’s got an ear infection (later confirmed today). After the trusty Tylenol did its trick, she went back to sleep and I was blessed with peace and quiet until 6:30.

Later was to be grocery shopping followed by the park (it’s finally sunny) and then home for naps. As Jack began asking for the bazillionth time “where are the planes, Mommy?”, I began to question my sanity en route to the park. I forged ahead wondering why in the world I was going to this park so far out of the way.

Official meltdown occurred with Megan about 30 minutes into the park, much to Jack and Adrianne’s dismay. But lo and behold, we are just minutes from the hospital (this is why I was at the park so far away!). As Adrianne and I prayed for a doctor to be able to see Megan, we were informed that Dr. So-and-So just had a “no-show” and minutes later we were seen. Voila…ear infection in both ears. No wonder she’s been so miserable.

As is custom in our first-world country ways, we got her medicine and were quickly on our merry way to being “fixed”. I am always astounded how as Americans, we go to doctors and have such an expectancy of being taken care of. This is not so everywhere in the world. Some spice gumdrops also “healed” Adrianne and Jack from their park woes, and we were on our way home.

Being true to my melancholy self today, I pondered as the kids fell asleep on the way home. This morning’s phone call to my Mom confirmed that she is in the “experimental trial” stage of treatment for her slow-growing cancer…she also tells me that my cousins wife who just had baby number 3 is also under serious treatment for breast cancer…this same cousin lost his mother to this disease as a young, young man. I pass a car wreck and I’m so overwhelmed, from head to toe with God’s loving-kindness to me today. I have certainly been taken care of as His precious one.

And the best part is…If I was my Mom, my cousin, my cousins wife, the person in the car wreck, His loving-kindness would still strangely be overwhelming.

Today my Husband, yesterday, today, forever…my Redeemer.

May we all take rest and refuge in that today.

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