Raleigh, NC

I think we figured out where everyone that used to live in the Northern part of our country has moved.  Raleigh.  The place is hopping.  We could hardly find a parking spot at the mall and this was before Thanksgiving.  I'd hate to see the place now.  I can see why everyone is moving south though.  The weather is a huge draw and the job market is generally better than in states like PA.  How many people actually get to pick the place that they want to move to, though?  I think if more people actually picked where they wanted to live simply based on the merits of the town, especially where weather was concerned poor little towns like Binghamton, NY would be deserted.  Anyway, I digress.

We spent 2 nights with the Korobko's and we actually got less pictures there than usual.  The first night there was a huge party with 13 people and Kathy made a pizza for each of us.  I thought there would be tons left over but we managed to eat it all.

I fixed the broken antenna while we were there.  The guy at the shop said it would be no big deal to fix myself.  45 minutes later he was right.  Most things are easy if you know how to do them.  If anyone out there needs a retractable antenna replaced on your Honda, I'm your man.


The second evening we got together with my friend Alli from high school and bunch of her Raleigh friends.  If you followed us on The Journey, you may remember that we stopped by her parent's, the Pagliarello's, in "The Little Apple" Manhattan, Kansas.  The first picture is Alli with her very interesting roommate Elizabeth Brooks.  She has her own web site at  http://www.baldchick.com  Check it out when you have the time.  Next is Andi.  I had no idea who Andi was when I was hitchhiking across the country after my senior year of high school but I had the address of this girl in Boulder, CO.  I stopped by and had such a good time with her and her friends that I ended up staying there for a week or so.  Next is Andi's husband Jamie.


Eddie will be Alli's husband by the time that most of you read this.  They are getting married on the 11th of December and will be honey-mooning at the Moon Palace in Mexico.  If you see them there next week wish them a happy marriage.  Notice the long straws that Alli and Eddie are holding on the couch.  We all used these to drink our drinks.  One of the highlights of the evening.  It turns out that Eddie knows my brother-in-law, Eric, from way back.  They ran into each other at a Promise Keepers meeting in DC once.


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