Virginia Beach, VA
& various road scenes

Meet the Minich's.  Kris, Christi, Quinn and Makayla.  I have visited Christi more in the states than any other friend from Germany.  We weren't super close in High School, but God has allowed our friendship to grow over the years.  We did have some classes together and went to the same youth group but we just didn't hang out all that much.  It's so fun to see her now though because she is still walking with God and trying to raise up her kids to love Jesus.  On the right is Quinn playing his computer learning games that he really seems to enjoy.  It was fun to see the Minnich's.  They got married in Lititz, PA and promptly moved away.  I guess they didn't really like the weather up here either.


Here are some various shots from the road.  The first is me holding up the antenna so that we could get radio stations in on the radio.  We had a CD Player in the Bus, but our car only has an AM/FM radio.  The winner of the most loaded down car goes to the green Honda Station Wagon.  All of the seats were filled with stuff.  They even threw more stuff onto the roofrackless roof and tied it down with ropes.  On the right is a field of cotton.


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