Amy Wilkinson, a friend from college, is teaching school in West Palm Beach.  It was fun to see her and catch up on old stories.  We rehashed the Senior Trip story in the Bahama's when Eric Puff almost had his head popped between our two 65 foot yachts when he reached down between them to pull up a water jug that Amy had dropped.  Luckily Eric's head didn't pop.  Amy made us a great lasagna and we got to go with her to church that night.  We were planning on camping at a campground in the area that night but when we got the entrance we were greeted by about a 100 racoons.  In the picture below there are about 25 standing on their hind feet and crawling all over each other.  I wanted to get the flashlight to get a better picture but Jen was freaking out because of the noises they were making and how close they were.  They were crawling up the leg of the guy who was feeding them.  Needless to say we were not camping out that night.  Jen requested a hotel room so we found one not too far from where we stayed on our honeymoon.


The next morning I got up to watch the sun rise.  I love watching the sun rise over the beach.  We went all the way to Florida and forgot to bring our bathing suits.  I offered to buy Jen one when we were down there, but we never got the chance to go shopping.  We did however go walking down the beach at night and again the next day.  These are some shots that Jen took from the hotel room when I went swimming.  Doesn't it look like I got shot in the middle picture?


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