Rathmells         Please print out the sheet, cut out the
    Partnership Involvement                         left side and mail it to Cadence.
As God enables, I plan to support the
Rathmell's ministry in the following ways                                    Cadence International
                                                                                                            PO Box 1268
__  I will support the Rathmell's in daily prayer                          Englewood, CO 8015
__  I would like to particpate in the Rathmell's
      ministry through the following one time gift
__  I would like to help sustain the Rathmell's
      ministry with $ ________/month
      $_______/qtr   $_________/other

Phone(           )_______________________

Rathmell's account #: 10343
You'll receive a tax-deductable receipt for
each check made payable to:
Cadence International®
PO Box 1268 · Englewood Co 80150
This is not a legally binding promise to give