3rd Safest Y2K City

We were going to head home right after Thanksgiving but we decided to help Aunt Buzzy paint her house for a couple of days instead.  That's Aunt Buzzy about to break the camera with her hammer.  Her roommate Jenn is painting the shelves.  They live in Bluefield, WV which was rated as the 3rd safest city in the US.  People actually moved there to prepare for Y2K.  Jen is really into things with her hands.  She digs painting, sanding wood and all kinds of things like that so I let her take care of most of the trim and I painted the walls and ceilings.


Beth Nichols and Penny Miller are teaching Bible in the public schools along with Jenn and Aunt Buzzy.  Penny is a friend of ours from back in the days when she was at BBC.  She used to let me borrow her car way back when I was a car-less college student.  It was fun to hang out with them and talk about old times and hear about what is going on in their lives.


It seemed like we hit a lot of little traffic jams on this trip.  Such as this one in which a car merged in front of a UPS truck.  I don't think there was really any damage to the UPS truck except for perhaps the coffee that was spilled inside the truck.  The car was pretty much totaled.  It's good to be the big guy when you get in an accident.  Thanks for following our little trip.  We have never been so glad to be back home and sleep in our own beds.  We have spent over 3 of the last 5 months on the road.  Hopefully we will be spending most of our time here in Scranton until we take off in February.

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