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Visitor #2 and a Toe Ring

Posted by on February 13, 2011

Yes, we’re feeling world famous. We move here and get two visitors! The real story is that because of “Cobra Gold”, a joint military exercise between US and Thai troops, we get to see some folks from Okinawa (hey, it’s cool to go to Chiang Mai and say, “oh yeah, I know people there”). Our friend Mike, who drives Generals around in planes, got to stop by and spend the day with us yesterday. It was great fun to drag him around town, every stop punctuated with a various icy drink and of course, my favorite, mango & sticky rice. Good times. The night ended with a great game of adults vs. kids of Capture the Flag in our yard, and the score was tied 1-1 when darkness took over. Mike’s plane is in need of a new battery, so we might get to break the tie…plan on staying riveted.

We have begun attending a house church here in Chiang Mai…it’s an interesting deal where 4-8 families get together, sing, pray and talk all things Bible and beyond. It’s been very fun…these families are legit and all day today I kept thinking how privileged we are to be a part of so many people’s lives. We are blessed beyond measure.

Concerning the Toe Ring: Yesterday when we were dragging Mike around Chiang Mai, I was looking at my nasty, super dry feet and said to the kids in the back of the song taew that I was in the market for a toe ring. My son was aghast. (My Dad probably is too) Well, such a reaction only triggers another reaction (which is to up the astonishment ante) so I told Jack I was also looking into a belly button and nose ring as well. I thought he might fall out of the truck. Finally, he looked at me and said, “Mom, don’t you love the Lord Jesus Christ?” It was my turn to fall out of the truck!

I mused later about how we have gone out of our way to teach the Gospel of Christ and that while we were yet SINNERS (nose, belly button and toe rings and all), He died for us. Even being steeped in this, my son is still holding out hope for the Law. As if a nose ring has any power to disqualify us from the Gospel of Christ (Dad, pick up your jaw!) 🙂 So, continue to pray for us all, every one of us, that we understand the obliterating, majestic, all consuming power of the Cross over our sin. I listened to my favorite pastor, Matt Chandler, today teach Habakkuk chapter 1. If you have not listened to it, click on the link…it rocked my world today because of his zingers regarding the truth of the Cross. Enjoy, my friends.

More later…

5 Responses to Visitor #2 and a Toe Ring

  1. Bernie Vanosdall

    Thanks for living the Gospel, and entertaining my friend, Mike!

  2. Kristen

    A tie? REally? We all know how much Buddy and Jack hate a tie. Remember kickball?
    Holding out hope for the law, sounds a little like myself. Yikes! Loved talking to you and seeing you. Can’t wait till next time. Happy Sunday!

  3. Louise

    We have a pastor crush on Matt Chandler too. 🙂 Finishing up his series on Luke whilst starting Habakkuk. Double the fun.

    Love reading your adventures!

  4. Kate

    Matt Chandler represents in this York dorm room just about everyday! Neat how we can all be learning the same things even though we’re so far 🙂

  5. Mike

    It wasn’t a tie by choice. It was all us adults could do to keep up with those young whipper-snappers.

    We are getting a battery from our other aircraft and it will get another one from an aircraft arriving from Oki tomorrow. So sad to say the score will have to remain tied for now as we plan on leaving first thing Mon morning.

    Also, profs to Bernie for helping me get connected with the Rathmells.

    Great Pic!!