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Author Archives: Buddy

Adrianne’s Mission’s Trip to Albania

Adrianne wrote out an update of her mission’s trip to Albania this summer. You can click on the link below to read the report it. She enjoyed being able to see God use her in the lives of others. Thanks so much for all of you who were part of praying and supporting her trip. … Continue reading »

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Humility on Sale $120

(A story from our 3rd year in Thailand) I dropped off my friends motorcycle at a Shop and left the equivalent of about $120 in Khun A’s hands to change the registration. My friend, Rick, ended up picking up his motorcycle and paying for the work that I had already prepaid. A couple of days … Continue reading »

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Happy New Year

2015 is here. I don’t know why, but when I wrote 2015 in my journal yesterday it made me happy. I am excited for the year to come and the things that God has for us. Jen wrote a quick update on our family and the year we have just been through. If you’d like … Continue reading »

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Join us for DTS

Join us for our DTS starting this July 27th or send someone the link if you think they should join us. Download Brochures Below (basically the same just different titles) Cadence DTS- What is next? DTS – R U Ready to Die? Find out more at

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Megan Missing!

You may have noticed that Megan is missing from our header on the new webpage. The theme needed a funky size photo and I don’t have photo editing software anymore. If you are artistic and can combine a few photos for us to create a new header for our blog let me know and I’ll … Continue reading »

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Preaching In the Hills

Here are some pictures of my recent trip to Ma Kae to preach to the Karen Hill Tribe People in Thailand near the Burma border. The video below is in the truck on the way so you can get an idea of what the roads were like. The Village of Mae Ka where the conference … Continue reading »

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So much to say…

Dear reading friends… There is so much to tell you about…to bring you up to speed on…life decided to notch up to full throttle and we were caught unawares… After 50 hours of flying/sleeping/staying overnight in Bangkok, I arrived home from Alaska and God’s sweet gift and treat of being a semblance of His comfort … Continue reading »

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Visitor #2 and a Toe Ring

Yes, we’re feeling world famous. We move here and get two visitors! The real story is that because of “Cobra Gold”, a joint military exercise between US and Thai troops, we get to see some folks from Okinawa (hey, it’s cool to go to Chiang Mai and say, “oh yeah, I know people there”). Our … Continue reading »

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New Year’s Eve

Wow! I have been seriously negligent on our blog. I informed Jen that she had to start writing again when we move to Thailand since she is the writer in the family anyway. On New Year’s eve we are in the midst of packing everything up and getting ready to load our container in 4 … Continue reading »

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Check out Cristina talking about Impact

Check out Christina, one of our student leaders for the past 2 1/2 years sharing about the impact that God had on her life through IMPACT.

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